Love Me Programme 

Inspiring & empowering women & young girls is at the heart of The Zedi Company. Giving back drives who we are and what we do.


Millions of women around the world experience suffering daily, yet they overcome. In the fashion Industry alone women are exploited by not being paid fairly, work in poor conditions & are often forced to make tremendous sacrifices in order to provide for their families. Although we may feel like we're getting bargain prices for the items we buy at well-known high-street brands, the cost of others livelihoods are often not considered. We strive to bring an awareness & consciousness to this and to inspire a change in the demand for 'fast fashion'.

We have made it our mission to ensure that we do whatever we can to help women rise up, build confidence & support opportunities for a healthier life with a simple, beautiful approach to style.


By making our collections in England, we strive to provide rewarding, well-paid work for women who want to work flexible hours from home to suit their lifestyles. We then look to support educational opportunities & co-operatives for women around the world who would otherwise be working in sweatshops or areas of the fashion industries chain. Our Handbooks seek to highlight how powerful, simple lifestyle changes, such as speaking & thinking positively & taking a more minimalist approach to life, can provide greater well-being.

We know that inside every woman & young girl there is a tremendous strength & when she believes in herself & opportunities are provided for growth, this becomes evident, her potential is maximised & only she can determine her limits.


With this in-mind, we are also privileged to partner with some amazing charities and organisations working with young girls and vulnerable women in the UK to donate our special 'Love Me' handbooks we've created & offer workshops through our Take 7 Simple Steps Programme which help to:

  1. inspire girls/women to embrace who they are and how valuable they are by focusing on their own uniqueness and the present moment;

  2. share creative tasks and activities to help manage the mind and emotions;

  3. motivate a healthy lifestyle which also helps the planet, by providing insight into the power of simple plant-based foods, exercise and minimalism.

Each time you shop our collections, buy a handbook & share our brand, you are helping to encourage & inspire. 

Thank you!

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